Are nervous Democrats starting to eye Obamacare repeal?

Are nervous Democrats starting to eye Obamacare repeal?

On one end of the spectrum you have down-with-the-ship partisans, who continue to beat their chests about running on Obamacare in 2014. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has doubled down on this theme, and Nancy Pelosi is on board, too. Stand tall, or whatever:

Then you’ve got the David Plouffes of the world, who are reduced to adorable wish-casting disguised as “analysis:”

 David Plouffe to ABC: GOP Plan to Run Against Obamacare an ‘Impossibility’

Sure, Dave. Whatever you say. Finally, there are the teeth-grinding, sweat-drenched Democrats who are casting their gaze ahead to next fall with increasing alarm. Almost 40 members of Pelosi’s caucus cut the White House loose by voting for the “Keep Your Plan” Act last week, and numerous Senate Democrats have stated on the record that the president’s alleged Obamacare “fix” is insufficient. TheWashington Post’s Chris Cillizzasuggests that the coming Democratic circular firing squad may not be avoidable. Taking the internecine divisions a step further, National Journal correspondent Josh Kraushaar wonders if more Democrats might start flirting with the “R” word:

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