Why is tea party ‘extremist,’ but Dem support for big government ‘moderate’?

Why is tea party ‘extremist,’ but Dem support for big government ‘moderate’?

When the Tea Party calls for real cuts in our welfare state, it is typically denigrated by the left as “extremist.” It would be a mistake though, to regard this response as mere name-calling. It is far more significant—and dangerous. This smear is an instance of a widespread technique regularly employed to undermine capitalism. From the campaign for “stakeholder rights” to the campaign against “insider trading,” the same insidious tactic is being used: the tactic of the conceptual “package-deal.”

Let’s say you oppose the idea that a corporation’s fundamental objective should be to make money for its stockholders. You could present various collectivist arguments, contending that the means of production should be controlled by “society as a whole,” rather than by selfish, profit-seeking individuals.  Or you could take the more devious approach of trying to erase the very concept of a stockholder. How? By introducing the pseudo-concept of “stakeholder.”

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