De Blasio plan will keep 16,000 students out of charter schools

De Blasio plan will keep 16,000 students out of charter schools

Bill de Blasio won election as mayor with 74% of the vote — an impressive achievement by any measure.

But we suspect that the roughly one-quarter of New Yorkers who didn’t back him include some of the city’s most vulnerable people: moms and dads with kids in charter schools.

These people fear de Blasio’s campaign promise of a moratorium on new charter-school co-locations. With good reason. According to Families for Excellent Schools, a charter-advocacy group, fully 15,817 city schoolchildren could lose access to a charter school if the moratorium goes through.

That includes 9,307 children already attending 23 different charter schools that are looking to add higher grade levels, and another 6,510 who are to attend 14 charters set to open in September 2014.

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