Two OFA donors have excellent health plan canceled

Two OFA donors have excellent health plan canceled

[Ed. note: Sauce for the goose…]

We can’t trust those people getting their health plans canceled — they’re just a bunch of wingnuts, and at least some of their cases are poorly documented, right? Well, not really.

offered my own documentation here of how the D.C. Obamacare exchange offers my exact old health plan for two to four times my old premum but with higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. And there are several similar stories out there that you can take to the bank.

But you should take this story especially seriously, since it comes from a left-wing media outlet, and the cancellation victims are basically your stereotypical high-middle-class white San Francisco liberals.

ProPublica’s Charles Ornstein reports the story out about a San Francisco couple that had an excellent health plan and will now be made to pay about twice as much for inferior Obamacare coverage with a higher deductible, higher out of pocket costs, and a higher premium. It also happens they are honest-to-goodness, true believer Dems who still love Obama but say they feel “hurt” by what’s happened. They’re actually OFA donors.

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