Hillary 2016 and the ‘war on women’ trope

Hillary 2016 and the ‘war on women’ trope

Here’s a suggestion for Republicans, should Mrs. Clinton do the expected and seek the presidency: Cool it with the opposition research. It isn’t what Hillary has done that should worry you. Rather, it’s how she’ll go about capturing the prize that eluded her in 2008.

What will be her campaign’s most likely avenue of attack? The Republican “war on women.” Why? Because, as the election results from Tuesday’s governor’s race in Virginia indicate, the Democratic attack line that President Obama used so effectively in gaining re-election is still working just fine.

President Obama used the theme to perfection last year, tarring the opposition party as insensitive and intolerant with regard to women’s health, reproductive rights and civil liberties. Consider the makeup of the winning Democratic coalition in 2012. Mr. Obama lost the men’s vote by 7% to Mitt Romney, the worst-ever showing for a presidential winner. (In 2008, Mr. Obama won the men’s vote by 1%.) However, Mr. Obama carried the women’s vote by 11%—only the second time that a net-female/minus-male formula proved successful. Bill Clinton pulled off the feat in 1996.

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