Cops search for cretin who used cat for target practice

Cops search for cretin who used cat for target practice

“I was angry. I wanted to hit someone.” The words are those of Norwich, Conn., Mayor Peter Nystrom. You will be angry, too, when you read what prompted the response.

Nystrom was out campaigning on Monday. When he walked up onto the porch of one house, he found a black and white cat injured and in distress. An arrow protruded from the cat’s side — an effect, authorities believe, of some heartless cad using the cat for target practice.

Emily Smith of Opposing Views reports that Animal Control is actively searching for the person who did this to the cat, who lives in the neighborhood and answers to name of Elliot.

Upon making his gruesome discovery, Nystrom phoned the police, who took Elliot to All Friends Animal Hospital. There, veterinarian Kathleen Tangari removed the arrow. Tangari estimates that Elliot had been injured for two days before he was found and, because of the arrow’s position, was unable to curl up at night to keep warm.

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