Obama lied and wants insurance companies to swear by it

Obama lied and wants insurance companies to swear by it

It is a truism in politics that it’s not the mistake that hurts you it’s the cover-up. The screwed up Obamacare launch and the President’s lie controversy would have been done weeks ago if Obama admitted his mistake and apologized. But the President’s desperate attempts to cover-up and attack people who talk about the lie he made to promote his healthcare plan is hurting his credibility. Its why Gallup shows his approval dropping to 39% and Rasmussen also shows a decline in Obama’s approval.

If yesterday is any indication, the Obama administration is still unwilling to come clean. The White House met with health insurers yesterday and asked for help in quelling public concern regarding  the cancellation of insurance plans under Obamacare.

In a meeting at the White House, Obama’s chief of staff Denis McDonough asked insurance executives to explain to customers who are losing their plans what new options are available under ObamaCare and what new subsidies they might qualify for.

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