Dick Morris: Expect ObamaCare change

Dick Morris: Expect ObamaCare change

I predict Democrats in the House and Senate will force President Obama to stop canceling insurance policies and restore those he has already caused insurance companies to cancel. The party simply cannot go into the next election with tens of millions of voters angry with its members for costing them their health insurance. After the president made “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan” the signature statement of his administration’s policy, these cancellations carry too big a political price for his party to bear.

Which congressman can face his district having voted for legislation that’s canceled the health insurance that protected 100,000 of his constituents? The pretense that the new policies on the exchanges will be better and cheaper than the policies voters already had will have been exposed as a lie by election time, and the congressman will face a very difficult road to reelection.

Democrats will realize that they have no chance of taking the House or of keeping the Senate after they have canceled the healthcare plans of millions of Americans over their objections.

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