Christie set to wield power on national stage

Christie set to wield power on national stage

A big win in a big blue state — there are few things that make sweeter music for the fractured Republican Party these days.

But many political observers say there is even more to what happened tonight than that. Last year, Chris Christie was elected chairman of the Republican Governors Association and he officially takes over that post in Arizona in 15 days. It’s a position with a high national profile, money to spread around and a bully pulpit.

So, in way, Christie’s power just doubled.

Friends of Christie and people who have watched him in action the past year say that from now on Super Gov. will be urging his party to do what he says, and do as he does: Win.

He will also have a lofty place from which to wage a run for the White House.

Thirty-six governors are up for election next year, and that adds up to a lot of face time across the nation.

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