Michelle Obama says kids will one day trick-or-treat for veggies

Michelle Obama says kids will one day trick-or-treat for veggies

[Ed. note: Then she went on to say that one day pigs will fly.]

First Lady Michelle Obama held a news conference last night, where she predicted that one day, children would go out on Halloween and beg for healthy food instead of candy.

On Oct. 30, she announced a partnership between the White House, the Produce Marketing Association, Partnership for a Healthier America and Sesame Street. The partnership’s initiative includes placing Sesame Street characters on healthy foods in grocery stores to entice children to choose healthier options–mainly fruits and vegetables.

“Just imagine what it’s going to be like moms and dads when our kids are begging us to buy them fruits and vegetables instead of cookies, candy and chips,” Obama said.

The first lady insisted this initiative was “about showing out kids that healthy food can be fun and that fruits and vegetables don’t just make us feel good, they also taste good.”

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