Preparing a 2016 run, Joe Biden launches his own website that doesn’t work

Preparing a 2016 run, Joe Biden launches his own website that doesn’t work

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Conan: Obama says Americans who are having trouble signing up on the broken ObamaCare website should call 1-800-We-Didn’t-Think-This-Through.

Conan: A new study says curing baldness may be possible by a procedure using human foreskins. Hearing that, bald guys said, “You know what—we’re good.”

Conan: A California woman gave birth over the weekend in a Barnes & Noble store. In the “New Releases” section.

Conan: The other day many people were unable to update their Facebook status for a few hours. For those few hours we were actually competitive with China.

Conan: A new report says online breast milk is likely to have health risks. That moves breast milk up to #9 on the list of ‘Bodily Fluids You Might Not Want to Buy Online.’

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