9 most bizarre university courses being offered

9 most bizarre university courses being offered

Have you ever wondered what our future generations are being taught within the classrooms of our prestigious institutions of higher learning?

Here are some of the most ridiculous courses being offered.

1. CourseQueer Horror

University: Clark University

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From Frankenstein to Freddy Krueger, the horror monster has thrilled and terrified horror fans for decades. What the general audience might not recognize is how the monster embodies society’s anxieties, particularly those involving sexuality and gender….

2. CourseDisabling Desire: The Erotics of Impairment in Literature and Film

University: Brown University

By alternately demonizing, sentimentalizing, and fetishizing the disabled body throughout modern history, has Western society misrepresented the erotic desires of the physically impaired? Could these desires, if represented, in turn disable “normal” desire?

3. CourseThe Wisdom of the Simpsons (and the End of Western Civilization)

University: Bellevue University

This course uses the television program, The Simpsons, to ask basic questions about the meaning of human life, about society, and about contemporary values.

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