HHS’s failures transcend Obamacare website

HHS’s failures transcend Obamacare website

A caller into my radio show the other day asked, “If the government can’t even build a website that works, how can it be expected to run our health care system?” Considering the news we’ve seen since the launch of Obamacare, it’s a valid question.

To be fair, the fact that the Department of Health and Human Services can’t build a functioning website isn’t much of a surprise – they aren’t tech specialists. And watching them pour close to a billion dollars down the drain isn’t going to shock anyone who remembers what the government has paid for hammers and toilet seats in the past.

So, it is far more chilling to see HHS stumble in an area that should be its core competence: ensuring there are adequate quantities of vaccine to protect citizens, the military, and others against deadly disease.

By way of background, you probably remember the H1N1 virus stories from a few years ago, also known as the “Swine Flu.” The potential disaster of a worldwide pandemic was averted, thankfully, by health officials taking action to develop a vaccine and monitor the outbreak.

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