62-year-old transgender woman suing over denial of free mammogram

62-year-old transgender woman suing over denial of free mammogram

A woman who became concerned about an unusual breast growth was denied a free mammogram, which she was qualified for based on income, by the Women’s Wellness Connection in Denver, Colo. She was forced to scrape together the money to cover the cost of the mammogram that was performed at a local Planned Parenthood on her own because she doesn’t have health insurance. Now, 62-year-old Jennifer Blair is suing the parties involved for discrimination.

Why would a woman be denied the free mammogram service that she was qualified for? Well, because she was born a man.

Blair had a sex change operation a decade ago, and has been on hormones ever since. Those hormones that she takes can actually increase the risk for developing health issues like breast cancer, so when she noticed the unusual breast growth, Blair decided she had to go for a mammogram, not expecting to be turned away.

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