5 tips for questioning Sebelius about Obamacare

5 tips for questioning Sebelius about Obamacare

1. Take the umpeenth opportunity to make a new impression.Congressional hearings can be painful to watch. It makes people cringe to see members of Congress who haven’t even looked at their staff’s work before they sit down and start spouting.  With limited time to question a witness, it’s understandable that rapid fire questions and sound bites might seem like better TV and the best way to leave a mark. But if people cringe when they’re watching, you can lose ground.

Bottom line, don’t make me feel sorry for the witness!

2. Come with more facts. The secretary will be prepared, and the press is looking for Republicans to stumble, so the burden is on you to know more than anyone else in the room. Facts give you confidence and people recognize them as stronger than cotton candy talking points that melt on contact. As saying among trial lawyers goes, facts win.

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