True test of Obamacare is whether it delivers over long run

True test of Obamacare is whether it delivers over long run

There are three things to recognize about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and all the criticism of it: First, the Web-site glitches really are a problem. Second, the hearings that Republicans in Congress insist on holding are no way to fix them. Third, when it comes to evaluating the worth of Obamacare we may not remember the Web-site hiccups all that well. What we will remember, and what ultimately matters, is whether, in the next year, the A.C.A. fulfills its promise: to provide affordable health insurance to people who did not have it through an employer, could not afford it on their own, were denied it on the basis of preëxisting conditions, paid more for it than they should have because they were, say, women of child-bearing age, or could no longer get by because their insurance benefits had been capped….

We’ve all heard a lot about the frustrations of people trying to enroll or just get more information through the balky federal Web site When I went on it earlier this week (my husband and I buy our own insurance, so I wanted to comparison shop), I saw a big photograph of a fresh-faced woman in her twenties (signing up young people is job No. 1) and a promising-looking tab labelled “See Plans Now.” But when I clicked on it I got a message that said, “Sorry, we can’t find that page on

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