Virginia’s blood-spattered abortion clinics

Virginia’s blood-spattered abortion clinics

When an Arlington County, Virginia, judge ruled that a lawsuit challenging regulations of Virginia abortion clinics could move forward, the Washington Post ran a news report emphasizing that the clinic regulations even mandate the width of hallways. It said that providers worry that complying with the regulations would put them out of business.

The same article talked about how the owner of the clinic who filed the lawsuit is a “woman of very strong faith” who called the judge’s decision “spiritually uplifting.”

What wasn’t mentioned in the cheery report about Falls Church Healthcare Center was what the Virginia Department of Health found when it made a planned and announced inspection of the clinic in August 2012.

As reported in a 65-page document, the facility was found to be blood-splattered and failing to comply with even basic sterilization procedures. Again, this was after being told when to expect a visit from health inspectors.

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