Why liberal journalists are right to bash Healthcare.gov

Why liberal journalists are right to bash Healthcare.gov

A lot of ink has been spilled this week over how Salon‘s Joan Walsh called out liberal reporters Ezra Klein and Ryan Lizza for daring to criticize the rollout of the ObamaCare exchanges. Without rehashing and relitigating it all, there are a few points that deserve additional attention.

The first is this: This internecine spat marks a very interesting reversal. A couple weeks ago, it was center-right journalists who were chided for speaking out against conservatives’ defund strategy. How quickly things change. It’s nice to know the other side has troubles, too.

But the bigger points are less about politics and more about journalism. For instance: What is the role/responsibility of journalists who have an admitted political philosophy (i.e. journalists who have dropped the pretense that they don’t have a point of view)?

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