Florida’s two Obamacare enrollees exposed as Democratic operatives

Florida’s two Obamacare enrollees exposed as Democratic operatives

[Ed. note: Does Obama ever not lie or deceive?]

The only two Floridians who claim to have successfully enrolled in Obamacare are Democratic political operatives, a Media Trackers Florida investigation reveals.

Florida media outlets have diligently attempted to identify anybody who has been able to access the federal government’s Affordable Care Act health exchanges and sign up for Obamacare insurance coverage. TheMiami Herald this week claimed it “searched high and low” for such people, even posting notices on its website and in its printed newspaper inviting Obamacare enrollees to contact the Herald and tell their stories. Despite their efforts, the Herald could not identify a single person responding to its efforts.

The Orlando Sentinel is the only media outlet that has found a person who claims to have successfully obtained Obamacare insurance. The Sentinel reports that Valencia College student Daniel McNaughton claims to have obtained insurance on the exchange. A pro-Obamacare liberal advocacy group, Florida CHAIN, claims a second person, 24-year-old college student Vincent Mutia, also signed up for Obamacare on the federal government website.

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