Relax, GOP — Obamacare will defund itself

Relax, GOP — Obamacare will defund itself

Amidst the brouhaha over defunding Obamacare, the government shutting down, the Republican brand plummeting as the party fractures, etc., etc., the GOP is being presented with a golden opportunity that they would be extremely wise to consider and exploit carefully — Obamacare is about to defund itself.

And this isn’t just because of the ridiculously rocky rollout of its website. The government is apparently sending for the private tech industry “fire department” in the Silicon Valley. Those folks will probably be able to unsnarl things sooner or later.

Apple, after all, was able to sell 9 million of their new iPhones in the first weekend, a figure the Affordable Care Act is unlikely to achieve ever, let alone in the first forty-eight hours.

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