City of Albuquerque holds funeral for Breaking Bad’s Walter White

City of Albuquerque holds funeral for Breaking Bad’s Walter White

 [Ed. note: The obit was one thing, but now they’re getting carried away.]

A recently deceased drugs kingpin who founded a multimillion-dollar methamphetamine empire was receiving an unexpected send-off on Saturday, with an elaborate funeral supported by politicians and city officials and a guard of honour provided by the police.

Walter White’s final farewell in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was even set to be streamed live on YouTube – although, as with most things in the former high school chemistry teacher’s life, all was not as it seemed.

White, as the millions of fans of the hit US television drama Breaking Bad know, is a fictional character who was killed off this summer at the end of the series’ fifth and final season. Actor Bryan Cranston played the terminally ill chemist who crafted a highly profitable drugs operation to provide for his family after his death.

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