TSA air marshal caught taking photos under skirts

TSA air marshal caught taking photos under skirts

A federal air marshal was arrested after being accused of snapping cellphone photographs underneath women’s skirts and dresses as they boarded a flight in Nashville, TN on Thursday.

The 28-year-old marshal, Adam Joseph Bartsch, of Rockville, MD was charged with disorderly conduct by police. He admitted to the crime, and has been relieved of his duties while the Transportation Security Administration considers whether to suspend or terminate his employment.

“(The TSA) does not tolerate that sort of criminal behavior,” said Michael Pascarella, spokesman for the Federal Air Marshal Service, which is overseen by the TSA, to the Associated Press.

According to the police, Bartsch was on duty when a witness realized he was taking photos of women as they walked by. When the witness brought this to the attention of a flight attendant, airport police were informed and Bartsch was removed from the plane, a Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Nashville to Tampa, FL.

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