Exclusive: Zimmerman’s brother boycotts Sharpton’s advertisers

Exclusive: Zimmerman’s brother boycotts Sharpton’s advertisers

Speaking exclusively with Breitbart News on Friday, Robert Zimmerman, brother of George Zimmerman, the man acquitted of murder in the shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin, ripped into MSNBC’s Al Sharpton and called for advertisers to stop their support for Sharpton. Sharpton forwarded the false racial narrative that Zimmerman shot Martin because of his color. “There is perhaps no one more undeserving of the title ‘Reverend’ in the world than Al Sharpton,” Zimmerman said. “Time after time, in case after case spanning several decades including the Jenna Six, Duke Lacrosse, Tawana Brawley, the Crown Heights riots, and the deadly Freddy’s Fashion Mart fire, Sharpton has shown that nothing in America is quite as profitable as race-baiting while masquerading as a civil rights leader. I don’t see how ‘civil rights’ and ‘Al Sharpton’ can be used in the same sentence.”

Zimmerman said that Sharpton’s conduct in manufacturing “race hoaxes” left him “devoid of any credibility whatsoever, any reasonable person would do well to question not only his motives, but the motives of the television networks and the advertisers that finance his racial demagoguery.”

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