Daily Kos commenters know your insurance needs better than you

Daily Kos commenters know your insurance needs better than you

[Ed. note: Mouths of babes]

This is the greatest story in the history of Daily Kos stories: Turns out that Obamacare is making one of the site’s user’s health care premiums go up! And that he isn’t able to keep the coverage he had before because it’s illegal! Weird. I wonder who could have told him that would happen…

Anyhoo, the Kos Kids are not happy. Doesn’t “Tirge Caps” (if that even is his real name) understand that this is all better for him? Is he so stupid that he doesn’t grok how much healthier he will be? Oh, he thinks he’s fine now. But what if he, like, stubbed his toe and had to pay, gasp, out of pocket to get an x-ray? Tirge Caps isn’t alone, natch. There are tons of people who will be losing their coverage and paying more for their premiums. And they’re all idiots!

Allow me to present: Five Daily Kos commenters who know your health needs better than you do.

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