The Obamacare rollout is a blow to single payer

The Obamacare rollout is a blow to single payer

In the past fortnight, Obamacare’s health-insurance exchanges have delivered the “third world experience” that critics predicted they would. Indeed, so bad has the “trainwreck” rollout been that even staunch allies of the president and his agenda have felt compelled to admit disaster. As the Daily Kos’s Jed Lewison observed earlier, conservatives who have full-scale ideological objections to Obamacare should be careful about focusing too much on these technical failures because, with time, those “glitches” may well be resolved, rendering local criticism moot. Lewison is correct: Conservatives oppose Obamacare for a host of reasons, and they must continue to hammer these home. Nevertheless, even if the system is magically fixed in the next few weeks, conservatives should continue to point at the technical failures and to remind the public that the launch was such a public disaster. Why? Because this will help against any attempt to parlay a broken program into single-payer.

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