Throw the &#$@%* bums out

Throw the &#$@%* bums out

Let’s say you run a widget factory. You’ve got two shipping foremen — Mr. Red and Mr. Blue. One handles East Coast orders; the other, West Coast orders. You pay them a lot — a lot. But they’re worth it. They get the job done.

And let’s say, after years of building your business, you arrive at a major moment: Massive orders are pouring in and you’re planning your biggest shipments ever. Demand for widgets is through the roof. And your production is keeping pace; now you just have to get your product to consumers.

So you come in on Friday, expecting all the week’s shipments to be en route to their destinations, only to find out — nothing’s left the warehouse. All week. Not a single widget. The problem? Mr. Red and Mr. Blue can’t agree on anything. And neither man will compromise. Neither will budge an inch. Standoff, gridlock.

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