Filmmaker Barry Levinson: Our ‘democracy’ is dying

Filmmaker Barry Levinson: Our ‘democracy’ is dying

[Ed. note: Who wants to let him in on “secret” that U.S. is not a democracy?]

With the recent calamity of the Government Shutdown and the looming debt ceiling fight, one thing has become crystal clear: we are witnessing the Death of the American Dream….

We believed in Democracy, in fairness. We believed in our Government. We disagreed, argued, but we never doubted our form of Government, or the Government itself. Now a harsh reality sweeps the land. Our precious form of government is dying. Democracy is dying. A minority can now control the majority…. Never were we this destructive because a minority was opposed to a piece of legislation. And so our Democracy grinds to a halt….

We have proven a Democracy is a fragile form of government. And we have shown the world how easy it is to kill it.

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