AP buries its own 37% Obama job approval number

AP buries its own 37% Obama job approval number

The big talk in conservative radio on Thursday is Barack Obama’s 37 percent approval rating in the latest AP poll. Hosts are also making fun of how AP announced this number: buried in paragraph eight of a story headlined “Poll: No Heroes In Shutdown, GOP Gets Most Blame.”

Guess what? Brent Baker reported when an AP poll found President Bush’s approval rating hit a new low of 37 percent on March 10, 2006, NBC’s Brian Williams led the newscast with it. When an NBC News poll found the same number on March 15, Williams led the program with it again, turning to Tim Russert to say, “let’s start with that all-important benchmark for presidents, the approval rating.” Now, the networks are trying to avoid this Obama number.

On MSNBC Thursday, Joe Scarborough said AP found Obama was in the “high thirties” and it “appears to be an outlier.” On Wednesday night, Ed “Big Edit” Schultz told “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe only that AP found that the approval number for Congress was “now down to five percent, in case you missed that most recent poll!”

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