Week 2: Media still can’t navigate Obamacare exchanges

Week 2: Media still can’t navigate Obamacare exchanges

A week ago, MSNBC tried to get on line to demonstrate the effectiveness of ObamaCare exchanges, and ended up wasting 45 minutes or so going nowhere.  As week 2 begins, after a humiliating weekend of having to pull down the federal system for fixes, the system still doesn’t work, as a reporter at a Georgia NBC affiliate discovers.  And when she calls for assistance, she finds that the HHS call center can’t tell her when it will, after trying three times to get through (via Daniel Halper):

The reporter concludes that the phones beat the website, but that’s damning with variable damnation:

Phone is best. At least for now. That’s according to the phone operator I reached after four tries and a full work day. The three times before, I sat on hold for an interminable amount of time before an automated survey came on asking me to rate the customer service — except I had yet to speak to anyone. And at the end of the survey, the line disconnected.

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