The $10 deal that cost NY millions

The $10 deal that cost NY millions

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is probing the most towering sweetheart deal of all time.

Schneiderman has sent a letter demanding to see the records behind the agreement for the World Trade Center’s naming rights, which were sold to a former Port Authority executive in 1986 for just $10.

Late PA honcho Guy Tozzoli and his group, The World Trade Centers Association, have made tens of millions of dollars off of the landmark’s name.

The PA and the public, meanwhile, haven’t gotten a dime.

After the pact was exposed publicly in the past month, Gov. Cuomo called on Schneiderman to launch a probe, saying Tozzoli “received exorbitant annual compensation from WTCA, bringing in $600,000 in pay in 2011.”

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