Relax: Creationists aren’t taking over our schools, promises NYT

Relax: Creationists aren’t taking over our schools, promises NYT

Theocracy panic dies hard, and a recent NYT article on the Texas textbooks shows that it’s still alive and well at the Grey Lady. The article covers recent appointments to Texas’ textbook review panel and expresses alarm that the creationist members of the panel could compromise science nationwide:

As Texas gears up to select biology textbooks for use by high school students over the next decade, the panel responsible for reviewing submissions from publishers has stirred controversy because a number of its members do not accept evolution and climate change as scientific truth […]

Some Texans worry that ideologically driven review panel members and state school board members are slowly eroding science education in the state […]

Historically, given the state’s size, Texas’ textbook selections have had an outsize impact on what ended up in classrooms throughout the country […]

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Parents are worried that their children will not be able to compete for jobs that require scientific backgrounds.

These worries, however, gloss over a crucial fact: while the article initially states that “a number” of panel members reject evolution, that number later turns out to be only six of out of twenty-eight total members. This is hardly a majority.

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