Margaret Carlson: Young people who don’t want to buy health insurance are ‘deadbeats’

Margaret Carlson: Young people who don’t want to buy health insurance are ‘deadbeats’

[Ed. note: It’s always someone’s fault]

This is really rich.

Bloomberg’s Margaret Carlson on PBS’s Inside Washington Friday called young people that don’t want to buy health insurance “deadbeats”:

When you talk to Republicans, how, you know, it’s like a hot button issue. How did healthcare become like abortion and guns? And, it’s individual mandate. They do not, you know, if it had been called individual responsibility, it might have worked better because in fact, a big part of the resistance comes from young people who didn’t get insurance because they didn’t think they need it and they were riding the system in emergency rooms. So they have to pay $100 a month for a bronze, you know, big co-pay insurance.

So a young working person making above the Medicaid limit decides not to buy health insurance – which morbidity tables show will likely have little to no benefit for him or her until many years later – is a deadbeat. But the likely older and less healthy person that as a result of some stranger’s purchase will be able to get health insurance for free or at a discounted price is the good guy.

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