Top 8 ways young women are hurt by Obamacare

Top 8 ways young women are hurt by Obamacare

Cosmopolitan online magazine has published an article titled, “Top 8 Ways Young Women Benefit from ObamaCare” by Senior Correspondent for Kaiser Health News, Phil Galewitz. The misguided list seems to be a desperate attempt to get most young women (like myself) to act against their own interests by signing up for ObamaCare. Young women deserve to know the truth about their health care options. Here’s a quick list of what’s so bad about ObamaCare, especially for young women:

1. ObamaCare Treats Grown Women Like Children

Phil Galewitz patronizingly touts that, “You can stay on your parents’ health policy until you turn 26” even if you’re married. Is still being dependent on mom and dad something to celebrate? ObamaCare requires health insurance companies to provide coverage for the customers’ “adult children” (actual demeaning term used in the legislation!) until age 26. Excussseeeee me, but women in our mid-20’s are not children….

2. “Free” Birth Control Costs A Lot of Money

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Phil Galewitz writes, “You’re entitled to free preventive care, including birth control.” That sounds great at first. Who doesn’t love getting free stuff?! But to paraphrase late economist Milton Friedman, TNSTAFBC: there’s no such thing as free birth control. ObamaCare requires all insurance plans to cover all FDA-approved brand name contraceptives and procedures. Well, funny thing, covering more expensive forms of birth control costs more money. There may be no co-pays at the doctor office’s counter, but everyone will have to pay higher insurance premiums. Not exactly “free.”

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