Will Harry Reid shutdown the government to save Obamacare?

Will Harry Reid shutdown the government to save Obamacare?

If Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rejects the third iteration of the continuing resolution sent to him by the House on Saturday, the Nevada Democrat will oblige his caucus to stand in support of the ruinous medical device tax they overwhelmingly voted to repeal on March 20 of this year.

If Reid adopts his boss’ “no negotiations with non-terrorists” stance, Reid will also force his Democratic colleagues to slam military men and women and their families — right down to the toddlers and the newborns — with punishing pay lapses and facilities closures.

If Reid refuses to see what everyone else sees — the 1000-car pile-up that is Obamacare is in desperate need of at least a year’s delay if the very basics are to operate — then he can force the government to shut down.

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