The 20 worst people on every airplane

The 20 worst people on every airplane

[Ed. note: Let’s not forget the guy with plastic explosive in his underwear.]

Add to the myriad things that are totally-freaking-predictable about flying (the delays, lost luggage, and hitting turbulence the moment you start to piss) this list of unavoidable people. You have encountered them on absolutely every flight. Consider them your collective travel foil, and endeavor to never count yourself among them.

20. Family with Young Kids
It’s not their fault. But really, yeah, it’s their fault. Hopefully kid-free sections are coming soon, but until that glorious day is bestowed upon us, do us all a solid and stop breastfeeding your three-year-old in the aisle.

19. Terrible BO Guy
That almost-visible pungent musk is beginning to make people think the plane is having some serious mechanical issues. Even the sick dude 14 rows back is visibly distressed by the malodorous man-smell. Seriously, this guy could be an MIT valedictorian and he’d still be missing the one Degree he actually needs.

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