Jay Carney will ‘absolutely’ ‘positively’ sign up for Obamacare (maybe)

Jay Carney will ‘absolutely’ ‘positively’ sign up for Obamacare (maybe)

[Ed. note: Weasel alert]

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: You’re talking about enrollment. Will Jay Carney enroll in this? Will the White House enroll in Obamacare?

JAY CARNEY: Again, everybody — you, if you have —

HENRY: Let’s start with you.

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CARNEY: If I, in a future life don’t have employer provided — …

HENRY: Would you enroll?

CARNEY: Absolutely… But if you change jobs or if you get laid off, and you then take a job, you start your own business, or take a job where you’re not given insurance by your employer, you will now have, once the marketplaces are in effect, options that were never available before at affordable prices, and that’s the point.

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