Daily Beast contributor: Hillary should be ‘president of universe’

Daily Beast contributor: Hillary should be ‘president of universe’

[Ed. note: Anyone ask the citizens of planet Xfsvckz what they think of that idea?]

Forget becoming President of the United States. It’s too small an office for Hillary Clinton. What the former first lady really needs is a “strong global governing body” to captain, liberal writer Sally Kohn insists in a ludicrous post at Daily Beast, headlined “President of the Universe.”

As icing on the cake, editors gave the post prime real estate, placing it in the fourth slot in the lightbox and giving it a propaganda poster-style image of Clinton (see below the page break):

“[W]hile Hillary does seem like a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination should she choose to run in 2016, those of us already disillusioned with the disappointing and self-destructive centrism of President Obama may start to remember that he’s simply regurgitating the Clintonian politics of timid triangulation with which Hillary and her husband helped poison the political water,” Kohn groused. Yes, the Fox News Channel contributor honestly thinks Clinton and Obama are not left-wing enough to her tastes.

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