Jesse Jackson, Jr. to get $8,700 per month in disability, plus pension, in prison

Jesse Jackson, Jr. to get $8,700 per month in disability, plus pension, in prison

Although disgraced Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. suddenly developed a “mood disorder” as the feds were about to indict him, he qualifies for generous government disability payments because it’s considered a debilitating mental illness.

Of interesting note is that Jackson Jr., sentenced this week to 2½ years in prison for corruption, never showed any symptoms of a “mood disorder” during his 17 years as a federal lawmaker. The mental illness surfaced abruptly last summer as the congressman, a member of Judicial Watch’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list, was about to get criminally charged.

The feds had been breathing down the Illinois Democrat’s neck—and he was the target of a House Ethics Committee probe—for participating in a political scandal involving President Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat…

But that’s not even what Jackson Jr. is going to jail for. In fact, he’s getting off real easy serving just 30 months for illegally using campaign funds as his “personal piggy bank,” according to the federal judge who sentenced him this week. The former congressman spent around $750,000 in campaign cash on outrageous luxury items like celebrity memorabilia, mounted elk heads, fancy jewelry and cashmere caps.

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