Dems threaten government shutdown if they don’t get more spending

Dems threaten government shutdown if they don’t get more spending

While much of the debate over government funding has centered around funding for the President’s unworkable health care law, Democrats’ appetite for more unnecessary federal spending has gotten much less attention.

Democrats in the House are demanding more discretionary spending and have openly stated that they would prefer a government shutdown over not getting higher spending.

Their main target: getting rid of sequestration—which pushes discretionary spending down to $967 billion in 2014. Instead, House Democrats want to spend well over a trillion dollars—$1.058 trillion, to be exact—on discretionary programs next fiscal year.

For taxpayers, this would mean an additional $91 billion in deficit spending along with a cancellation of some of the savings put in place to offset a $1.2 trillion increase in the debt limit from 2011. Adieu, Budget Control Act.

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