Cruz makes his case — and here’s why it’s wrong

Cruz makes his case — and here’s why it’s wrong

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, went on with Neil Cavuto Friday afternoon to discuss his Obamacare defunding plan, which (paradoxically or absurdly, take your pick) requires a filibuster against the House-passed appropriations bill that defunds Obamacare. Here are my thoughts on the state of the defund effort, which have not changed at all.

But in the interest of equal time and thoroughness, I want to share the arguments made by Cruz, who think it’s fair to say has become the  chief representative for the defundistas. I encourage you to watch the whole thing first, before looking at any of my comments below.

Now I’d just like to focus on a few of his comments. Here’s one:

“…and the only way we win, the only way we ultimately move the votes in the Senate, is for the House to continue to stand strong, to stand firm, to start sending over limited continuing resolutions, funding the military, funding different pieces of the government, one at a time…”

It’s very appealing when Cruz says he wants to fund the government, piece by piece, and simply omit funding for Obamacare. It sounds like a real strategy.

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