Obama-scare politics of conservatives

Obama-scare politics of conservatives

Amid the gaudy Broadway show signs in Times Square, one stark nine-story billboard stands out in bold black-white-and-red lettering: “WARNING: Obamacare may be hazardous to your health.”

Disinformation about Obamacare can be hazardous to your health too.

The billboard, posted by the conservative Heritage Foundation, is one of the more visible signs of an all-out, last-ditch, by-any-means-necessary push by conservatives to undermine the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare’s official name, before it launches Oct. 1.

If making health care affordable to more Americans is good for your health, Heritage’s Times Square billboard is about as well-placed as a furrier in Hawaii.

Its one-line statement does not mention, for example, a July announcement by state insurance regulators that average premium rates in New York under Obamacare will be at least 50 percent lower than those currently available.

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