MSNBC: ‘GOP pushes government toward shutdown’

MSNBC: ‘GOP pushes government toward shutdown’

[Ed. note: Bias? What bias?]

The Republican-led House passed a stop-gap spending bill Friday that’s destined to die in the Senate, raising the likelihood of a government shutdown that would close national parks, halt soldiers’ paychecks, hold up student loan requests and otherwise set off a freeze on federal operations.

The House bill, called a CR or continuing resolution, keeps the government funded through Dec. 15 as a broader budget deal is hammered out, but it also strips all funding from the Obama administration’s health care law—a non-starter with the White House and the Democrat-controlled Senate. The GOP bill would fund the federal government at its current $986 billion levels.

Even though it was passed 230 to 189–largely along party lines with two Democrats crossing over to vote with the GOP and one lone Republican holdout–the legislation has no chance in the Senate where Majority Leader Harry Reid has called the House bill a “waste of time,” and dead on arrival. President Obama has repeatedly said he would veto any legislation that would defund his landmark health care law upheld by the Supreme Court last year despite repeated GOP attacks and House votes to halt it.

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