OWS plans rallies on second anniversary of movement

OWS plans rallies on second anniversary of movement

[Ed. note: Rumor has it that they plan to bathe for the reunion.]

(AP) It has been two years since a disillusioned band of protesters first pitched tents in lower Manhattan, sparking the movement against corporate greed known as Occupy Wall Street.

On Tuesday morning, about 100 Occupiers returned to the small granite plaza near the New York Stock Exchange that once teemed with thousands of protesters. But this time around, the park was barely half full. Most of the granite benches were empty. The number of police officers and reporters nearly equaled the number of protesters.

Small groups of protesters marched around the streets near Zuccotti in the morning, while another march to Washington Square Park clogged the sidewalks in the early afternoon. The protesters were scattered in smaller groups around New York City.

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