Mystery maple syrup-like smell over NYC

Mystery maple syrup-like smell over NYC

A sweet almost maple syrup-like smell in the air was being reported in portions of Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey on Wednesday morning.

It is not clear where the aroma was coming from.

In 2005 and 2009, a similar scent was reported and traced back to a perfume factory in northern New Jersey.

Back then, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the harmless scent was the “result of the manufacturing of fragrances and food flavors” coming from the Frutarom factory in North Bergen, N.J. which uses seeds that contain a compound found in maple syrup.

On Wednesday, Good Day New York spoke with people on the Upper East Side at 72nd St. and Third Ave. who described what they smelled:

“It’s weird. I’ve been here about 50 years off and on and it’s the first time I’ve smelled that. There are other smells but never that.”

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