Food bills rising nearly 4 times faster than wages

Food bills rising nearly 4 times faster than wages

[Ed. note: Solution is to put everyone on food stamps]

Food bills are soaring nearly four times faster than wages, according to the latest figures.

The average basket of groceries cost a budget-busting 4.1% more in August than the same month last year. That’s up from 3.9% in July.

With a typical worker’s pay rising at just 1.1%, millions of households are struggling to get by on less.

It’s not just food that’s out-stripping wages, as the Office for National ­Statistics announced inflation was running at 2.7% last month.

The consumer prices index (CPI) is down slightly from 2.8% in July, but everything from energy bills to train fares have shot up more than that.

The retail prices index (RPI), which includes housing costs, rose from 3.1% to 3.3%.

Yet it didn’t stop the out-of-touch Government repeating its claim that the economy had “turned a corner”.

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