David Brooks warns about alarming ‘rise of Ted Cruz-ism’

David Brooks warns about alarming ‘rise of Ted Cruz-ism’

JUDY WOODRUFF: All right, let’s turn to something we have never discussed before, and that is the — Capitol Hill and the failure to come to some kind of an agreement, David, on the budget.

This week, the Republicans in the House tried — the leadership tried to bring a vote to the floor. It was the conservatives in their own party that said no. Where do things stand right now?

DAVID BROOKS: Yes. If I was irrationally pessimistic about the Middle East, I’m irrationally optimistic about the budget thing.

I have no cause for my optimism. Somehow, I think we’re not going to have a budget shutdown. Nonetheless, what is going on in the House…

JUDY WOODRUFF: You mean government shutdown.

DAVID BROOKS: Government shutdown.

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