To remove threat of Bashar Assad, we have to save Bashar Assad

To remove threat of Bashar Assad, we have to save Bashar Assad

Mandy covered this morning the outline of the “principles” agreed upon by the U.S. and Russia for Syria to end its possession of chemical weapons.

The deal, announced as we were waking this morning, is being spun a variety of ways.  It holds the promise of removing chemical weapons from someone who is willing to use them, but that promise is of questionable value and enforceability.

Chemical weapons were a problem, but not the only problem.

Our prior policy was that Assad must go because he was a viciously brutal thug who was all too happy to turn his country over to Iran and Hezbollah backed by Russian arms if that’s what it took to stay in power.  That thug, by the way, has the blood of hundreds of American soldiers on his hands as he turned Syria into the primary conduit for fighters heading to Iraq.

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