Hospital death rates under Britain’s NHS 45% higher than in U.S.

Hospital death rates under Britain’s NHS 45% higher than in U.S.

[Ed. note: But wait till Obamacare kicks in]

Patients in NHS hospitals have death rates 45 percent higher than patients in U.S. hospitals (we were the best-performing by this measure out of the seven nations compared). Patients in NHS hospitals are also five times more likely to die from pneumonia than American hospital patients.

The amazing thing is that these figures are only coming out now, nine years later. In short, NHS hospitals are among the industrialized world’s worst, and America’s are the best in terms of survival rates. For all the grousing you hear, We’re doing something right.

This doesn’t have any direct bearing on our discussion over Obamacare, but it has an indirect one. It illustrates the vast difference between having health coverage and having access to quality health care. The latter does not at all follow from the former.

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