Obama’s Syria speech shows lessons we still haven’t learned from 9/11

Obama’s Syria speech shows lessons we still haven’t learned from 9/11

President Barack Obama sounded surprisingly decent and moral in his speech last night. If he doesn’t own any character, he at least went over to U-Haul and rented one for the occasion. It just was wrongly applied. It brought a nagging doubt back to the fore of my mind regarding the ability of our nation to defeat terrorism for any sustained length of time. I’ve expressed this angst by asking and answering this rhetorical question before, but again repetion becomes relevant. “Why do they hate us? How can they become dehumanized and resort to acts of terrorism? Easy, it works like Hell.”

But that’s a bit trite and flippant. I need to expand further on why this sort of thing works like Hell. It works because the people that run American foreign policy are willfully and stubbornly stupid. They grew up believing they would change the world. They might as well have started High School still believing in The Tooth Fairy. The world will not change until we can actually change the human genome. When the Rap-Artist Onyx sang “Two wrongs don’t make a right, but they damn sure make it even,” he expressed how the typical person looks at street-level reality in our new era of Post-Judeo-Christian Morality. Might, you see doesn’t make right. It makes reality. When someone asks “Who’s your Daddy?” this is not a genealogical question. Barack Obama’s speech explaining his rationale for wanting to bomb Syria shows a complete rejection of this fundamental reality.

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