SEIU to knock on doors, help Obama educate Americans on Obamacare

SEIU to knock on doors, help Obama educate Americans on Obamacare

The nation’s largest healthcare workers union announced Tuesday plans to help President Obama with the expansive rollout of his healthcare reform law.

The Service Employees International Union will knock on doors and host community events to help people understand the Affordable Care Act before Oct. 1, when uninsured Americans will be asked to sign onto exchanges to purchase health insurance. The Obama administration has actively recruited companies, celebrities, sports teams and unions to help prepare the country as key components of the law finally go into effect, dubbing the consortium the “Champions of Change.”

“Let there be no doubt, the new healthcare law is working for working people,” SEIU President Mary Kay Henry said. “We are not seeing the long-predicted ‘rate shock’ but we are seeing ‘Republican shock’ as extremists fail in attempts to repeal or obstruct the Affordable Care Act and its landmark protections and benefits for working Americans.”

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